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We have found Evangelia to be an excellent tutor for our 2 sons. They have made great progress as beginners and I am sure we will continue to see improvement. We would highly recommend!
Dimitrios F.
I need to get a certification for English proficiency and MaxCoach is my best choice. Their tutors are smart and professional when dealing with students.
Chloe K.
Eva is such a great tutor for my 8 year old. We have weekly hour long sessions. She uses excellent age appropriate resources and keeps my child’s attention throughout. My daughter is so relaxed and happy every lesson and finds the learning fun. I’m so glad we found her. I highly recommend! Thanks so much Eva!
Joanne D.
Eva is a very lovely, helpful and patient tutor. Each lesson is really well structured, enjoyable and relaxed. Would definitely recommend!
Izzy S.
Eva has been an excellent teacher so far. She’s friendly and very patient. We look forward to our lessons every week with Eva!
Kristen B.
Evangelia is a wonderful teacher! She has an enormous amount of patience and understanding, which she has proved time and time again by helping me wrestle with learning this great language, thank you so very much!
Ray S.
I have been having weekly lessons with Eva since Autumn 2017 and I feel that my Greek has improved substantially in that time. Eva is a skilful and patient teacher, always interested and well prepared. At the start of the current pandemic, we switched to online lessons and she manages with her customary professionalism, taking full advantage of the technology to make her virtual lessons interesting and innovative. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Denise H.
Eva is a fantastic teacher that is very patient and explains things especially well. The lessons are well structured and have great interactive games to help with learning and understanding the finer points of the language. Her lessons are punctual, light hearted but have direction. I honestly can’t say enough great things. If you want a Greek teacher, then she is the one!!
Paul S.
Evangelia is a great tutor, her lessons are focused and she has helped my daughter's progression. She is organised and uses the time well. My daughter likes working with her as she is friendly and personable. Thank you for all your help.
Helen M.
Eva is such a great tutor for my 8 year old. We have weekly hour-long sessions. She uses excellent age appropriate resources and keeps my child’s attention throughout. My daughter is so relaxed and happy every lesson and finds the learning fun. I’m so glad we found her. I highly recommend! Thanks so much, Eva!
Joanne D.
Eva is well-prepared, professional and, above all, patient. She shows real insight into the difficulties of Modern Greek, which helps me a lot. A true teacher, who is deeply interested in the success of her pupil. I have to drive some distance to my lessons, but I consider myself fortunate to have made the connection. Long may it continue! And thank you Eva
Peter B.
Eva has been an excellent tutor for me. She has been extremely supportive in my learning of Modern Greek and has worked with me at my pace. She's always been very happy to answer my questions. She is a very patient and adaptable teacher, and I know that my lessons with Eva are tailored to my needs. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
Joe W.
Evangelia provides such an excellent learning environment and uses really clear and simple teaching methods. The whole process is very relaxed and she moves the lesson at a great pace so you really feel like you are making progress.
Amelia H.
At the age of Seventy I started learning Greek with Eva, that was in January 2020. It was my first attempt at studying another language other than my native English. At the start of the first Covid 19 lockdown in March 2020, she turned to on-line lessons to continue teaching. For me on-line has been hugely successful enabling close visual contact which helps in speech understanding. It is also a more intense learning experience that benefits onward progression. Eva is composed yet attentive and uses many varying sources of information to stimulate her lessons. On-line and Eva is a winning combination!
Gerry T.
Fantastic tutor. She broke down the lessons into different themes, for example a day at the beach, a day at the shopping centre, entertainment, tourism etc. It made the lessons really interesting and was extremely helpful. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have been able to communicate with my girlfriend's family. Amazing tutor that I would highly recommend!!!
Johnny T.
Evangelia has been a patient and encouraging tutor. She understood that my need to know Greek was to be able to converse at a simple level, with the local people when on holiday and she tailored my lessons to that effect.
Angela S.
Evangelia is a good teacher. Her lessons are informative, well structured and designed to broaden vocabulary whilst teaching both its retention and use. They are also practical and testing. She is very patient, engaging and encouraging.
Alex L.
Eva is great. Matches the pace to suit and takes the time to revisit earlier learnings to help ensure I learn, rather than just remember. Has lots of patience (just as well for me!). Thoroughly recommend.
Keith B.
Evangelia is an excellent teacher. She is so patient and will tailor her teaching methods to accommodate her students' learning requirements. Whilst I feel I might struggle with some words, she is always very enthusiastic and encouraging. We also have fun and I really enjoy the lessons. Thoroughly recommended with 5 stars!
Lynda C.
Eva is a fantastic tutor. She lets me work at my own pace and is happy to explain or expand on anything with which I am having difficulty. She is flexible during lessons to cover topics or subjects that I mention, whilst still steering to cover the course topics. I want to learn Modern Greek, but for more than just holiday use, i.e grammar etc. and Eva is happy to do this on a longer term basis. You can find a lot of 'teach yourself' language courses on the internet but nothing beats actual interaction and being able to talk/refine pronunciation with another person, especially with someone for whom it is their mother tongue.
Maria C.
Evangelia is a very good tutor. She is patient, conscientious and demonstrates flexibility by structuring the teaching sessions so that they match my individual requirements. I am happy to have Evangelia as a tutor.
Ian S.
My 3 children aged 15, 13 & 11 have been having Greek lessons with Eva on a weekly basis for almost a year now. I was unsure whether they could all learn together so I discussed it with Eva and we decided to give it a try. Thankfully it has been going very well. This is because Eva is very patient and adapts to each of their needs. She is easy to understand and takes her time. It is very interactive. If I have any comments or suggestions to give she is eager to work with me and responds promptly. I would highly recommend her.
Helen C.
Ευαγγελία is an excellent teacher. She is very patient and encouraged me to have a go at speaking Greek when I was not confident. She made the trickier aspects of Greek grammar make sense. I would really recommend her as a teacher of Greek.
Amanda T.
John Doe

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