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You already speak Greek every day. With our help, you’ll put things in the right order. On our website, you can discover our online courses, enrollment procedure and read interesting articles about the Greek language.


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A few words About me

My name is Evangelia (Eva). Ι am a Greek native speaker and I hold a bachelor's degree in Greek Language and Literature (University of Crete, Greece) and a masters in Language Studies (Lancaster University, UK). While I moved to the UK in 2014, I had worked as a Greek tutor for 10yrs.

Throughout my time as a Greek tutor, I have taught various ages of students, from primary school age, through to university students right up to retired and those seeking to make a home in Greece. With my wide-ranging experience, I have honed various teaching techniques and can adapt them to suit all students' needs.


My Teaching Experience:

  • I have worked in various settings and managed to develop schemes of work and lesson plans in line with curriculum objectives.
  • Teaching children and adults Greek as a foreign or second language (one-to-one, group lessons, face-to-face, and online lessons)
  • Teaching Ancient Greek, Modern Greek, and Greek Mythology in Aspire Sussex Adult Education Centre
  • Teaching Greek language and Culture at the Brighton Greek School
  • Teaching university students in groups and in private lessons (Ancient Greek language and literature, Latin, Modern Greek Language and Literature, History, Philosophy, Ancient Drama, English)


My current status

• I am currently the Headteacher at the Greek School of Brighton, a supplementary school that teaches the Greek Language and Culture to children and adults.

• I have been teaching at the International House of London.

• I have been teaching at the Aspire Sussex Adult Education Centre.

• Additionally, I have been teaching at the Alexandria Institute in Athens.

• On Saturdays I dedicate my time to teaching at the Greek School of Brighton.

• I am also the owner of the private tuition center. I deliver one-to-one lessons and group lessons face to face and online, which help the students to develop rich communicative skills, confident reading, and writing.

• I bring together thousands of students and friends of the Greek language from all over the world, through my Facebook page the Greek Language and Culture. Moreover my page Greek Language Learner allows students and teachers to discuss the language learning process, tips, grammar, vocabulary, etc.

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Why learn

The Greek language is steeped in rich history, with roots as far back as the thirteenth century BCE through the Mycenaean civilization. It holds an important place in the histories of Europe, with the longest documented history of any other language of the Indo-European family of languages and 34 centuries of written records, so surely, this is a huge legacy for all of modern civilisation to keep and to enrich!

Beautifully melodic with poetic meaning, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to learn, especially as so many Greek words have been widely used in other languages, in fields such as mathematics, astronomy, and philosophy. Greek word elements in common with Latin words are the foundation of the scientific and technical modern vocabulary. 


why choose us

What we provide:

• eGreek4all provides an integrated course schedule of Greek language learning through exploration, scrutiny, and self-reflection.
• Our classes combine hands-on experience with knowledge-based teaching.
• The curriculum as a whole includes conversational Greek, invaluable for those holidays in Greece and the Greek Islands.
• The lessons are catered to children and adults of all levels (beginners, intermediate and advanced).
• The lessons cover speaking/communicating in Greek, Greek grammar, reading, writing Greek, and learning about Greek/Cypriot culture and civilization.
• All our teachers are qualified to teach Greek, with vast experience in teaching Greek as a foreign language.

Very nice, kind and very flexible. My son has had very strong and encouraging progress! Thanks to Evangelia, my son received excellent comments from his school teacher who is really satisfied with his progress to GCSE standard in just 7 months. I totally recommend Evangelia.
Kai H.
Eva is such a great tutor for my 8 year old. We have weekly hour long sessions. She uses excellent age appropriate resources and keeps my child’s attention throughout. My daughter is so relaxed and happy every lesson and finds the learning fun. I’m so glad we found her. I highly recommend! Thanks so much Eva!
Joanne D.
Evangelia provides such an excellent learning environment and uses really clear and simple teaching methods. The whole process is very relaxed and she moves the lesson at a great pace so you really feel like you are making progress. I am really looking forward to continuing with regular lessons.
Amelia H.
Eva has been an excellent tutor for me. She has been extremely supportive in my learning of Modern Greek and has worked with me at my pace. She's always been very happy to answer my questions. She is a very patient and adaptable teacher, and I know that my lessons with Eva are tailored to my needs. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
Joe W.
Eva is extremely well organised and prompt to respond to any queries asked of her. Her lesson format is well structured and she uses lots of different resources to get the most out of each session. Most importantly for me though, Eva is an incredibly kind and good natured individual, and it is always a pleasure to participate in her classes.
Roshnee P.

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